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This website will show the great things that teenagers can do to help their government.  We are a group of North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics students who are in a club called the Teenage Republicans.  We are working through the school and throughout the community to create a better government.  We are a very active club in trying to get tasks accomplished while exploring ourselves to new ideas and keeping good old fashioned Republican ideals in effect.

Liberal School

As all of the fellow students know, here at NCSSM it is a very liberal environment.  A majority of the student population are strong willed Democrats (or even some Greens and Communists!).  Many of them I would like to say have at least done a little research into the parties and their platforms before making decisions.  A very big problem in today's society is the lack of interest in politics along with the lack of knowledge of the subject.

Today a great many people vote strictly on how they were taught not on their own ideas or opinions (some of us call them sheep).  You should never be taught how you should vote, it should always be something that you research over time in order to make a decision that will help the country.  The greatest problem is the lack of interest in voting and since we live in North Carolina, Senator Edwards is a good example to use.  Edwards has a horrible voting record in congress and just the other day on Bill S.877 (anti Spam Bill) which he co-sponsored he did not even show up to vote for.  This is public record and you can find it on the Senate web page.  He co-sponors a bill and cannot even take time to vote for it.  He also did not show up to vote for the very important Partial Birth Abortion Ban Bill, S.3.

So if you are going to be an active voter, make wise decisions and make educated decisions because there is nothing worse than uneducated voting and apathy.

A good old Republican symbol, strong, and proud.

November 2, 2004
This is a very important year for the Republican party. Each person should do their part to help the party suceed. There is one civic duty that every 18 year old holds and that is the duty to vote. This election is going to be very close and we need to get the word out about the party and you need to vote. Support the party and help fill up current democratic spots with some good strong vocal Republicans. On November 2, 2004 go and vote, just don't leave any hanging chads.

Liberal Control

The liberals already have the news and the television stations controlled in our country minus a few who are able to remain untouched by the liberal media.  Now the liberals have decided that they need to control the radio too.  Their newest attempt to brainwash America is to start a radio station much like the ones that play Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  Only this time they are trying to get big name Democrats to host.  Which radio station do you think will get more listeners really.  I am sick of the liberal control and filtering they feel was written in the Constitution as their right.  Tell me what you think.

Rush Limbaugh

Voicing his opinion once again without interruption.